The Embodiment of Love

When I learned that I was to be a mother for the first time I was ecstatic, even though my husband and I had recently separated. I remember climbing into the car in a daze, and then as I drove east toward the Salt Lake City Wasatch Mountain Range, I…

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Party Sunday is June 2

Each year, Unity of South Bay facilitates a season of great parties hosted by our members and friends. This year, Party Season begins June 3 and concludes August 31. If you decide to participate as a host, you can decide date, time, place and how many people you can host.…

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Are You Expecting Miracles?

If you stop to think about it and list the miracles in your life, you will be amazed! It is truly amazing grace! As a matter of fact, no matter what we might be going through, we can expect a miracle. Whatever the concern or the crisis — financial, health,…

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Awesome Sunday Music Line-up

Join us at 10:30 a.m. Sundays, not just for inspiring and thought-provoking messages, but for fantastic music, as well:

May 19 & 26 — Jonas Sills.

Choir Directors: Charla Gae and Jonas Sills.