Are You Expecting Miracles?

If you stop to think about it and list the miracles in your life, you will be amazed! It is truly amazing grace! As a matter of fact, no matter what we might be going through, we can expect a miracle. Whatever the concern or the crisis — financial, health, work, relationship, loss, grief, or the overcoming of fear…we can always expect a miracle.

We might think of miracles as “shifts in consciousness that undo the past in the present and release the future.”

It is important for some of us to see miracles as higher law that we just haven’t understood yet. And some prefer the idea that miracles are a direct act of God — becoming personally involved in our lives. Or that miracles are expressions of grace, God’s love in action … an unearned gift.

We often think of the presence of God and the miracles of God in terms of holy places, supernatural occurrences, soul-shaking experiences, great emotional highs, signs and wonders, with the result that vast regions of our lives may be emptied of any sense of the presence of God — as if God were not also to be found in ordinary places, as if God were restricted to the more obvious places, as if there were not something very unusual and quite miraculous about everything that surrounds us. Have you ever really looked at a leaf?

A friend of mine has liver cancer and continues to be in a race to live. She has chemo injected into the liver, her numbers go down, which enables her to be on the transplant list. She gets on the list and waits. (The doctors say it can take a year to get a liver). Then three months later the cancer returns, and she goes through the process again, trying to beat the odds somehow, which continue to decrease. But the other night she called me, with amazing news! She found a live donor! A niece she has hardly seen through the years, called her and offered part of her liver! What an amazing “out of the blue” miracle! She has a sudden new lease on life.

When we begin to truly notice the wonders all around us, then we can let go of the need for the big miracle to save us. We cannot control miracles, but we can expect them.

When we pay attention to the small coincidences that show up in our lives, we begin to discover miraculous events at work. We realize that there is some incredible divine plan operating in our lives — through the people we meet, the places we show up, the jobs we take, the relationships we choose, the spiritual journeys that we find ourselves upon.

When is the last time we said, “WOW! It’s a miracle!?

Love & blessings,

Rev. Kathy

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