Comedy, Consciousness & Creativity

A prosperity consciousness invites creativity, while a lack consciousness inhibits it. We move into lack thinking whenever negative, fearful thoughts consume us. So we first have to let our fears go by relaxing and centering ourselves in Spirit. We release, we let go and we let God, turning our worries and concerns over to the Divine. Sometimes becoming light-hearted and playful can help to open the creative flow and move us back into a greater consciousness of our abundance.

 Do you know the word “silly” comes from the German language and it means “holy?”

Here is an example of why being silly and playing might be holy… a satellite design manager told at one of his design meetings that everyone was in a very playful mood. People started making fun of the satellite. They made jokes about it. They made bad puns about it. They even played with the whole notion of what a satellite is. The meeting turned out to be one of their most productive one in months. The next week, everyone approached their design problems in a serious mood and no new ideas were generated

Before a standard creativity test, 141 tenth graders were treated to a recording of a popular comedian. Those who heard it did significantly better than the control group, which was not so entertained.

“We must let go of adultism — adult seriousness — and celebrate and play like children. For then we can enter the Kingdom/Queendom, as Jesus said… the Divine Consciousness… at the heart of creativity.” (Fox, Matthew)

Centering ourselves, letting go, and playing are three ways to shift from lack to prosperity thinking. I invite you to think of some other ways and write them down. Create some concrete examples and then act on them. Please let me know what you come up with…

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