Everyone and Everything Belongs

The World Religion Series we just completed at Unity of South Bay was a reminder of larger community. Having visits from the leaders of the different faith groups we covered (Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam) made us more aware of spiritual communities beyond our own. It was one of those moments in time when we realize that we are one circle of community within countless others. Our Unity Church is part of the greater circle of Unity which contains thousands of Unity Churches and Centers. And the greater circle of the Unity Movement is among countless other spiritual movements who are praying and working for greater peace, love and harmony on our Planet Earth.

Even our earth is a community within our solar system, which is within our galaxy, which is within our Universe, ad infinitum. We are One! Catholic priest Richard Rohr says, “My motto and mantra has become: ‘Everything belongs.’” When we come to know this, when we experience our oneness, we realize that any community we are part of is also a reflection of us. In other words, we can find our self there in the company of others, for any negativity that we see is also in us; any beauty that we see is in us as well. Any conflict that occurs must be resolved within us, and any joy and bliss celebrated can be discovered within us.

And community invites us to bring the qualities of the Christ, the qualities of Krishna, the qualities of a Buddha, the qualities of the Bodhisattva, committed to the awakening of all, sharing our compassionate hearts with others.

Community has its shadow side as well, and we will discover both the dark and light in ourselves. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us never to succumb to the temptations of making people our enemy. “As you press on for justice,” he said, “be sure to move with dignity and discipline, using only the weapons of love.”

In community we discover that we are not alone. A wide and open heart gives us the strength to face the suffering and pain that connects us with all of life… to understand the roots of our sorrows and our part in them. And in community a wide and open heart also helps us to find the compassion and understanding that sets us free.

Let us feel gratitude for our communities!
Love & blessings,

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