Grace: God’s Love in Action

Grace saves us from the worst results of our actions and the effects we have set into motion. Grace is God’s love in action, and grace is our safety net. Grace is the gift… simply because we are a child of God. We do not have to earn it, and we do not have to prove we deserve it; we do not have to strain or cause it to happen. It comes with being part of creation.

As we walk our life paths, we come to know that we can set a cause into motion and then experience the effect. For example, think positively and then experience positive results. Think negatively and experience negative results…

Not so with grace. There does not seem to be a set of rules for the concept of grace. We call it mysterious or elusive because we do not understand it. Perhaps it is that unknown part of God’s law. In essence, grace is God’s goodness given to us in greater proportion than we give of our self to God.

It is the Father rushing out to meet the prodigal son, as he returns home. We do not have to go the full distance in order for God, The Divine, The Universe… to rush out and meet us. We only have to be headed in the general direction. And it can still happen even when we are utterly lost. That is when grace becomes a type of redemption and our safety net.

Ramakrishna said, “The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail. The gifts move across the waters. We can’t control or earn them, but we must be willing to receive them.”

A great affirmation is: I am now willing to receive the gifts of grace.

And let us give thanks in advance for God’s amazing grace!

Love and blessings,

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