Grateful for Unity

My mother introduced me to “New Thought” when I was a teenager. She used to subscribe to Science of Mind magazine back then, and she would share passages and articles with me and we would discuss it for hours! (Science of Mind was the original name of what became “Religious Science,” and finally “Center for Spiritual Living.”) So even as a young teen, and most likely before then, I was steeped in some of those ideas and principles!

In addition, my mother had joined “Alcoholics Anonymous.” She was bi-polar but incorrectly diagnosed at the time, so I believe she drank to self-medicate. Anyway, she took me to open AA meetings with her, and I was enthralled with people’s stories and their power to heal and help others as well. I remember one time several years later, I witnessed a man being turned away at the emergency room because he had been drinking. So I called my mom and she came right over to help. I actually became aware of “twelve step” possibilities for her through the years! In fact, my best friend, who was living out of state, told me on a phone call how worried she was about her dad, who was drinking himself to death. I told my mom, who knew him, and she made the call at the right moment that saved his life and got him into AA!

Years later, I attended a lecture at a Unity Church in Salt Lake City with my mom. A Guest Speaker was talking about “New Age Politics,” and I was enthralled, since it was actually about casting a vision for a personal and collective future. The experience caused enough awareness, that when I had moved to Texas alone with my 5-year-old son, I knew to pick up the phone and call a Unity Minister for help during a time of grieving crisis. And that call changed my life! It was not immediate, but it planted seeds that sprouted in the future. By the time I walked into that Unity Church in Austin, I had a deep sense of being “home.” And I still do to this day… in any Unity Church. For me, it is a deep core feeling of belonging in that greater community. Sometimes, without even being conscious of it at the time, it’s like the cells of my body hearken back to the deep discussions with my mother, as well as to the years of history in Unity and New Thought, and all the people who came before and carried this teaching, these amazing principles with them…. so I can benefit in this moment, along with so many others! I am and always will be grateful for Unity!

Love & blessings,

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