I Believe

As we approach Advent. I would like to share this inspirational article called “I Believe” by Jim Blake, Unity World Headquarters CEO. This is from the Unity Advent Booklet called “The Love and Light of Christmas.”

Love & blessings,
Rev. Kathy

I believe in the magic of Christmas and the holiday season. I believe in a mythical Santa Claus figure who enlivens the spirit — who excites and generates incredible joy in millions of children for months on end, leading up to that special morning. I believe in big, beautiful, drifting snowflakes and hot chocolate, cozy fires, and the twinkle of holiday lights on a cold, clear night. I believe in the Hallmark Channel’s movies about Christmas that start airing around Thanksgiving, with loads of happy endings so heart-opening and heart-filling, they bring a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye. (I know this because I record and watch as many as I can. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.) I believe in radio stations that play nonstop Christmas music; I listen to them until they return to normal programming on New Year’s Day.

I believe in all these things because of the indescribable way they make me feel. It’s the inexplicable way that year after year, these simple treasures and traditions break my heart wide open. It has to be magic or a spell of some sort because what else could possibly explain how and why millions of people simultaneously become nice, joy-filled, and tolerant of one another for nearly a month? This glittery, sparkly spell that makes us open our hearts, minds, and wallets to charities, children, friends, families, coworkers, and strangers alike.

Arguments may abound on the meaning of the season, the tensions among commercialization and religion and so forth—I can understand and appreciate them all.

However, my humble request to you remains: Allow yourself to get lost in the feelings of this season and its traditions. For there, my friends, is where the magic lies. Let the small experiences like those I described above carry you throughout this joyous season. Appreciate the transformation that occurs for a few weeks each year in the hearts and minds of those around us. Let yourself be enchanted by the wizardry of having your heart opened in each precious moment of glittery, warm, glowing goodness. After all, life is meant to be experienced, to be enjoyed with all our faculties. No other season simultaneously stimulates all of our senses quite like the Christmas season. To restore your childlike wonder, lower your voice to a whisper, and simply repeat after me: “I believe.”

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