Cinco de Mayo Dinner Concert with Karl Anthony

Karl Anthony

Karl Anthony

Saturday, May 5 —Dinner at 5 p.m.; concert featuring Karl Anthony at 6:45 p.m. Bring your friends to this all-church event! Children are welcome! Special Raffle. $55 early bird by April 29; $65 at the door.

Karl Anthony is a healing-arts evolutionary songwriter who introduces the arts with music into business, character  education and even into our healthcare system. For over 13 years Karl has been employed at Children’s Hospital in San Diego serving with a team of dedicated musicians and art professionals within the hospital’s healing arts program.

Karl’s career has spanned over three decades with many diverse and unexpected experiences along the way. In a hospital setting, flowing with what is needed in the moment is a necessary talent. Each room entered requires special sensitivity and a welcoming and nurturing personality. While working closely with hospital staff, Karl facilitates the very best supportive conditions for whole and complete healing.

Also an author, producer and singer, Karl Anthony has received several Gandhi/King Season For Nonviolence Peace Hero Awards for his humanitarian efforts and innovative concert events. His studio recordings include, All Of Us, recorded at Capital Studios and the first of his Mantra Series chanting CDs titled India. Karl also has a Mantra DVD and has produced another music series focused on character education for primary students: Strike-A-Chord with KIDS. And his latest recording is Hold The Sky.

Karl does not take the traditional entertainment industry path; he creates anthems of hope and believes music can be a comfort for all humanity. Karl Anthony’s music and his career crosses countless boundaries and is truly an international language of service and pure joy. He is a welcome reminder that it is possible to enjoy what you do and even inspire others to express the music inside themselves. Perhaps that is the most healing power of all.



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