Love is a Power

Co-founder of Unity, Charles Fillmore said, “In Divine Mind, love is the power that joins and binds in Divine harmony, the universe and everything in it. Love is the greatest harmonizing principle known to man.”

When we look around the world and notice polarization and disharmony, we can truly see why the words to the song can apply: “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”

Yet how can there be too little of it if love is the power that “joins and binds the universe and everything in it?” Love is one of our 12 spiritual powers, and it is always there for us in potential to call forth and express. But we do need to call it forth and activate it in our lives.

There are many ways we can do this, but here are four:

1) Meditation and prayer.
2) Focus on the heart and affirm greater love.
3) Pause during the day and get into the feeling of being loved and loving and send that energy forth.
4) Specific acts of loving kindness.

In addition, it helps to be around those we love and to feel and express our feelings for them. I live away from my family at present, but when I talk to my two sons or their wives or my grandchildren, my heart opens wide and I feel that joy of love within me and spilling over.

I am attempting to become even more conscious of that, so that I can send that energy out to others or take it with me and remember it throughout the day.

If you have a “sweetheart,” you can do the same thing with him or her. And on this coming Valentine’s Day, do something special to bring love and joy to your loved one. Those acts of love brighten his or her heart and others, just as “random acts of kindness” go forth as ripples changing everything.

If you would devote 15 minutes a day to the power of love, there will be a positive shift in your life, and that means the life of all!

Love & blessings,
Rev. Kathy

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