My Son Inspires Me

My son just had a knee replacement this week at quite a young age. He was hoping for a partial, but ended up wih a full one, and perhaps that will save him from more trouble in the future. I called Silent Unity for prayers the night before and was not satisfied with the first one because it was so general and did not even mention the surgery, so I called back and ended up with a different person who prayed a beautiful prayer. So I am trusting in Divine right outcome and a rapid and complete recovery for him.

His wife Melanie is caring for him this week and then has to return to work, so I will fly up to Santa Rosa to help out for nine days. It won’t be the most fun we have had together, but I’m looking forward to some quality time, along with getting to laugh and play with my little granddaughters, nearly 5 and 8 already! We are going to celebrate a late Easter together!

I admire my son and his intention in this whole process. He and his doctor first put off the surgery for five years, so he would be older when he had it. Then over the last year he exercised and changed his diet and lost 55 pounds! He did it with his recovery in mind, already seeing himself having a smoother outcome with less stress on his knees from the added weight. He made a grand effort and it paid off.

Then two months before the surgery, he took a great leap of faith from a job where he was unhappy to a new job where he has to use his sales skills to survive and support his family. He had to make enough to have extra income for his next two months of recovery. It was a lot of pressure to put on himself, but he did it!

What is it that makes us move from apathy or complacency, to the actions that bring change? In his case it was a physical need. But even then, he did not have to take those steps. He wanted to. He was absolutely motivated. I think it was the dream of health and wholeness, after living with pain, and also the vision of happiness and fulfillment at work and the resulting abundance, after living with dissatisfaction. Those are certainly great visions for all of us. We can hold them and pray for them, but what causes us to finally assert our will and take action?

Sometimes it is having enough of pain, sorrow, unhappiness or despair. Sometimes it is a compelling urge to live more fully, a wake-up call, or an inspirational moment. And sometimes it has to do with the timing inherent in Divine Order. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…”

I am grateful the surgery is behind him now, and a new future beckons. That new future is the blessing for each of us as we let go of that which prevents our highest good and embrace the possibilities of greater joy instead.

Love & blessings,

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