Our Most Powerful Spiritual Practice

prayerThere was a time in my life during Ministerial School when I was only getting five hours of sleep a night for two years! I was going to school at the crack of dawn, working a job after school, and taking care of two young children, while also being married. Then in school, they kept emphasizing the importance of more prayer and meditation. And they kept telling us to get up earlier so we could spend more time in meditation.

For me it became impossible, so, instead, I began affirming, “My life is a prayer.” I said this over and over throughout the day for most of the two years there, and it became a chant. Then after awhile I began to believe it completely. To this day I do believe that all of life is a prayer, and that prayer is our most powerful practice, especially as it becomes an action we take to commune more fully with God.

Prayer is our most powerful practice because we are all unlimited energy. God’s Essence is light and energy, and all that God creates comes forth out of light and the primal energy, we call the Holy Spirit — the whole spirit of God. Divine Energy is surrounding us all the time, whether our receivers are turned on and properly tuned or not. And since prayer helps us tune them, imagine the power of that!

Prayer is also our most powerful practice because of Mind. Mind is our connecting link with God, and it is through our thoughts that we create, whether we know how to use them effectively or not. Focus on that which you want to happen, rather than your worries and fears. When fear and worry arise, say to your self, “Fear not!” or “This fear is powerless over me!” And then immediately focus on the vision you want to manifest and speak the words to affirm it. This is affirmative prayer.

Prayer is our most powerful spiritual practice! Make a commitment to pray each day and watch the amazing results!

Love & blessings,
Rev. Kathy

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