Be a Bridge-Builder

Dan Reynolds

I recently watched the HBO Documentary Believer, which is a name of one of the hit songs of the rock group “Imagine Dragons.” Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, is a Mormon who decided to fight for LGBTQ rights in Utah through a concert called Love Loud that he created last…

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What Will You Do Today?

Each day is an opportunity for amazing creativity! What will I do today? Will I do what I do every day, performing my various rituals of getting dressed in the morning, and going off to do whatever it is I usually do…? Or will I choose something slightly different today?…

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Pray. It works!

This has been a difficult week in our country and also in my life personally. I’m still in some grief over my brother’s passing, and several other family issues came up. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but just more stress added to the mix. And yet it pales when compared with the…

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