How Mother’s Day Was Born

We celebrate Mothers’ Day in this country because of Anna May Jarvis, the mother of Mothers’ Day. Born May 1, 1864, she was a Minister’s daughter. When she was 42, working for a life insurance company in Philadelphia, her mother suddenly died on the second Sunday of May in 1906.…

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God Is Always Calling Us

When we are inspired to do all that is ours to do, it means that we are aligned with our Divine Guidance calling us to our right path. God is always calling us, always present inviting us to a life of greater wholeness. The call and our response to it…

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Feeling Blessed

Rev. Kathy McCall

The April theme of “blessing” reminds me that I feel especially blessed this week. I returned from Santa Rosa, where I helped my son in his recovery from a knee replacement. He’s doing great and making fast progress! I also loved spending time with Kenna (almost 8) and Linnaea (almost…

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