Questions to Ask Yourself

Spring is here and Easter is almost upon us! We can see it in the flower buds starting to blossom, in the slightly warmer weather, in the feeling of anticipation in the air. This is the time of new beginnings. The Spring Equinox should be the real “New Year,” according to the cycles of nature.

With the energy of the season supporting us now, we can ask some questions. “Inquiry creates change!” This is the “simultaneity principle,” according to the process of Appreciative Inquiry.” The moment we ask a question we begin to create a change. “The questions we ask are fateful.” So again, with the energy of Spring supporting us now, we are invited to ask:

1) What new path am I wanting to walk?

2) What new creative project am I ready to begin?

3) What steps do I need to take?” “4) What positive habit am I willing to create?

We can sit in those questions and reflect on the possibilities. When we have the answers, then we can determine what action we should take first.

For example, I have a new book I want to start writing. Actually, I have two or three, which has been part of my issue, not knowing which one I should start first. As I reflect on Question 2, I can decide which book should be first. Then I determine my next few steps, as mentioned in Question 3. I can begin by writing for 15 minutes each day to start. If I wish to go longer, then I can. That way I can also cultivate a positive habit, spoken of in Question 4. In my case it can be writing intentionally each day.

Now I just need to remember that very spiritual suggestion: “Just Do It!” And that takes me back to Question 1… a new path I’m wanting to walk. Each book is a journey in itself, so I’m stepping forth in faith and walking this path of writing a new book. I am saying it aloud for all of you to read, so now I am committed! I had no idea at all I was going to do this when I began this message. It seems Spirit is at it again!

I’m sending blessings to all of you for your new path or creative project, and insight into the next steps and positive habits you can create to bring it forth.

Love & blessings,

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