Spring Festival is Upon Us!

Sunday the 14th is the first day of Holy Week. It represents the last week in the life of Jesus, complete with all of its ups and downs: from the high of baptism, to the low of temptation, to the high of teaching, to the low of casting out the money changers, to the high of the last supper, to the low of betrayal and crucifixion, to the high of resurrection.

Holy Week tends to be an intense week, even for us all these years later, perhaps because in the Western World, especially, we are embedded in the midst of a Christian culture in which the story and its stages are talked about and dramatized over and over again. We partake of that archetypal story and its energy. And certainly Spring, with its new birth, speaks to us of ancient stories and rituals signifying the process of endings and beginnings.

Sometimes, through my years of ministry, I have felt that I would just like to skip Good Friday and the idea of crucifixion! Let’s just move right into Resurrection! But the fact is, without the crucifixion, there is no resurrection. Without the death, there is no re-birth.

And it is interesting that many Unity Churches do bypass Good Friday and just celebrate Easter Sunday. I am fine with that, in fact. But I do personally pay attention to the idea of release and letting go during this specific week. What old thoughts and ideas can I release at this time that can pave way for my own re-birth. How can I call forth new life into my body, soul and spirit?

The good news is that I am supported by nature in my renewal at this time! WE are aligned with a greater universal energy that is taking place NOW! So don’t miss it! Take the opportunity this week to reflect and deepen your awareness. Enter into this week consciously.

Feel this letting go and this renewal happening within you. Breathe life into it!

Winter is over. Spring Festival is upon us! Let us celebrate the wonder of Easter and all that it promises!

Love & blessings,


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