Sundays in March: Easter Journey

From March 4 through Easter on April 1, our Sunday lessons will follow a path designed for greater self awareness. This path is patterned after the significant events in the life of Jesus and the stages of mystical awakening.

As we approach Easter — and as we look at the drama going on in the world — it is important that we shift our perception and see ourselves and the world in a larger context.

Let us hold the vision of a resurrection from old beliefs. Let us hold the vision of greater love in ourselves and our world — despite all outer appearances.

During this passage into Easter, we are initiated into the mysteries of the season and the cultural story of Jesus and his mystical journey. The stages of his life and awakening become guideposts for each of us.

March 4 — Baptism & Awakening
March 11 — Temptation & Purification
March 18 — Transfiguration & Illumination
March 25 — Betrayal, Crucifixion & Dark Night of the Soul
April 1 — Resurrection & Unification (Easter)

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