These are the times; we are the people

There is a huge paradigm shift happening in the world at present. We are creating a global culture, and it is no small task for each one of us alive in the world today. Technology and a critical mass in consciousness are forcing us to create new relevant systems wherever we turn: Medicine, Religion, Politics, Education, Business, Science, must all be redefined to stay relevant in the world.

Physicist Peter Russell writes, “Change is occurring faster and faster. Much of the change will continue to occur at the leading edge of our current technologies. Computers will become faster, smaller, and more powerful. Scientists today are talking of optical computers working at the speed of light, quantum computers storing information in individual atoms and millions of times smaller than today’s, and “wet” computers using DNA that may offer true artificial intelligence.

Since the birth of the microprocessor in 1971, its performance has increased 25,000 times. If this pattern continues, a personal computer of 2020 will be as powerful as all of the computers in Silicon Valley in 1998! The world-wide web was only introduced in 1990. We cannot even begin to predict our future communication!

Can we develop the consciousness that will allow us to use our powers with wisdom? It is the new paradigm that comes from inner awakening that will be the determining factor. We can help the paradigm shifts personally and collectively by staying positive and focusing on an uplifting vision; by performing ritual to release the past; then by manifesting the new vision through our positive thoughts and words and actions. Let us refuse to engage in negative prophecy about our own lives or about our species and planet.

For example, when we are in the midst of breakdown in our own lives or in the world, let us see it as preparation for breakthrough. Let us hold the higher vision and trust that God has a plan. Let us face the facts about the changes needed, and take action where necessary… and let us envision collective consciousness making a difference. We can remember scriptural promises of a time of peace. Let us see the problem, but affirm and act toward the highest good. As Jean Houston says, “These are the times; we are the people. It is up to us to make the difference!

Love & blessings,
Rev. Kathy

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