Vote, Pray, and Remember: God Is In Charge

Let us call upon the power of prayer this week of our mid-term elections, to enfold our country in love and light as people go forth to the polls. We release fears and concerns and affirm safety for all. We know there is a greater Divine Order at work in the United States and in the world, and we trust in God’s perfect Divine Order for the highest good of all.

Though we do not always understand the reason that things happen the way they do, we do know that God is in charge and that all things ultimately work together for good. We give thanks in advance for the highest and best outcome for the good of all living beings and for our planet.

The right to vote is a sacred right, for whom many have given their lives in our country and throughout the world. In that knowing, let us choose to exercise that right consciously and in gratitude.

I was in Egypt in March of 2011 when a constitutional referendum was held there following the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Forty-one percent of 45 million eligible voters turned out to vote. It was an incredible experience making our way on foot from the hotel in downtown Cairo, with all traffic stopped, to watch the Egyptian men and women in separate lines, happy and excited and waiting to vote. And afterward their eyes reflected deep joy and pride. Though much turmoil has continued since, it was a rare moment in time, to glimpse through the window of another country and see the emotions of people finally allowed to vote after years of suppression. I continue to feel grateful for my right to vote, and since I am a woman, I send special prayers to those women who fought for 72 years from Seneca Falls to their first National Election in our country!

Let us treat each other with loving kindness and continue our positive prayers for peace throughout this week and our holiday season. And remember, whatever happens, God is in charge and in truth, all is well.

Love & blessings,
Rev. Kathy

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