Want to Know God? Surrender

Surrender is such an important key for us to let go of our problems and turn them over to God. Whatever challenge we may have, when we let go and surrender to the Divine, we feel God moving in to hold us — we feel the universe rushing in to support us. We realize that God provides all that we need.

Surrender does not mean giving up our power — it means letting go of our need to control. That is the irony because often we control for a sense of power, but the true power is in surrender. “I give UP. I can’t do it anymore God, I give it to you. You take it. You tell me what to do. I release my fear and the need to control and I surrender to Spirit.”

Have you ever felt like you are in the wilderness? I know I have. This can be the dark night of the soul. Or it can be the place just before our prayers are answered. We feel like we have tried everything, but nothing is working yet. This wilderness experience takes faith and total surrender. We let go and let God.

I like to remember and speak affirmative statements such as: “I let go and let God; God is in charge; Thy Will Be Done.”

 Throughout our lives, there are always wilderness experiences where we cannot see the Promised Land yet. It is still dark before the dawn. Our prayers have not yet been answered. It is essential that we surrender our own agenda and call upon the Divine. “Ok, God, I am absolutely willing. I trust you to show me the way.”

Surrender is not giving up, but giving UP! Practice surrender and you will feel God’s presence comforting you, healing you, blessing you, guiding you! You do not have to tackle your challenges alone. Help is always available. Simply surrender and ask!

Love & blessings,

Rev. Kathy

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