Awesome Sunday Music Line-up!

Jonas Sills

Jonas Sills

Join us at 10:30 a.m. Sundays, not just for inspiring and thought-provoking messages, but for fantastic music, as well.

Jonas Sills, our Music Director, is a singer, performer, conductor, producer, teacher, and lover of music. He has performed with multiple opera and musical theater companies all around the area, as well as at countless churches, temples, and other spiritual venues. He specializes in music that stirs a deeper feeling of spirit.

He also runs his own non-profit, “Art-In-Relation,” specializing in producing theater and other performances. And he owns, with his beautiful wife Heidi, an eclectic shop under his home in Long Beach, the BeeBop Shop, dedicated to eclectic and multicultural items.


February 25 — Jonas and Spirits of Joy
March 4 — Jonas Sills with Charla Gae
March 11 — Jodi Siegal
March 18 — Jennifer Russell
March 25 — Jonas Sills with Charla Gae

Choir Directors: Charla Gae and Jonas Sills. We have an Interim Pianist, Daniel Yokomizo, temporarily covering for Charla Gae.


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