What Will You Do Today?

Each day is an opportunity for amazing creativity! What will I do today? Will I do what I do every day, performing my various rituals of getting dressed in the morning, and going off to do whatever it is I usually do…?

Or will I choose something slightly different today? That choice calls forth my creativity. Each day is filled with countless possibilities and creative moments. What outfit do I want to wear today, and how will I blend the colors that I find in my closet? Will I brush or comb my hair or wear a hat?

If I have a free day then how will I spend it? Will I go alone or spend time with family or friends? Do I like wandering around in shops and stores? Will I read or spend time writing? Do I prefer finding a good library?

Will I work in my garden or drive around and see other people’s gardens? Perhaps a day trip is just the thing to clear my mind and renew my spirit. Or if I live near the ocean, a walk on the beach or playing there with others may tend to calm my soul.

Maybe it’s the perfect day to work around the house and get things done that I have not had time for. Being active cleaning and building and walking the dog and working off bottled-up energy can sometimes release stress and renew me. I could go to the gym, or maybe whenever the impulse for exercise arises, I’m one of those who prefers to take a nap!

A movie or a trip to the art gallery or to a sports event can both entertain and educate. Or maybe a “spiritual” day is more appealing…. prayer and meditation and soft music, journaling and reflection and silence.

It could be the perfect day for helping others as a volunteer. Do I prefer working with children, adults or seniors? What cause is filling me with passion now? How can I help?

All of these decisions in one day of life! And this is only scratching a small surface. When one really looks at options it can be overwhelming. But since the days of our lives are not unlimited, it behooves us to act more consciously, at least for part of each day. What will I do today to help my own awakening and what will I do to help someone else? Try that question on your next free day. You may be surprised at the creative answer you receive!

Love & blessings,

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