12 Good Reasons to Pray

I have been thinking a lot about prayer lately. Here are some of the reasons to pray:

  1. It allows us to commune with God. 
  2. It is the only action we can take that truly makes things different. 
  3. It changes our thinking as it calms, uplifts and renews us. 
  4. It allows us to access inner peace. 
  5. It releases the highest form of energy in the universe, as it links us with the God energy that is our Source. 
  6. It stirs into action an atomic force and releases a potent spiritual vibration. 
  7. It helps us accomplish whatever we do in shorter amounts of time. 
  8. It activates the working of higher laws. 
  9. It releases a spiritual force that shatters fixed states of mind. 
  10. It crashes through negative thought strata. 
  11. It makes the impossible become possible. 
  12. It makes us more irresistible to our good.

The question that emerges from this is, “Why wouldn’t I pray?” “What could possibly keep me from it?” Perhaps for some of us it is a busy life, for others it is because we have not quite realized the power of prayer. Or it could be that we do not feel clarity about whom or what we are praying to. If our history includes a punishing God, then prayer might be low on our list of priorities. 

In Unity we teach that we do not pray to change or appease a God outside of us. We pray to lift ourselves into the consciousness of the Christ. We pray to condition our minds so that we can let go of error thought and awaken to the truth of who we are and who God is. And God is love. 

We can imagine ourselves in a dark room with the sun shining outside. The sun is a metaphor for God and we are inside with the doors and windows boarded up so that no light can enter. We are praying, “Please sun! Shine!” But we cannot see it because of our thoughts and beliefs. There is a remedy for this condition…Prayer opens the doors and windows of our mind and lets the light in. And we do not even have to beseech God for that to happen. We pray to change our mind, not God’s, and affirmative prayer is the means by which we transform our consciousness. 

We first release the old: “I release this thought and let it go. It is powerless over me.” Then we affirm the truth: “I am a child of God and worthy of good, happiness, love, joy, peace, prosperity,” or whatever else we would like to add. We release fear and we affirm whatever we desire to see in its place…because that is in fact the truth of our being. Unity writer, Emilie Cady said, “Desire in the heart is God tapping at the door of our consciousness with His unlimited supply…a supply that be forever useless unless there be demand for it.” So we have to ask. We have the power to claim our good.

Let us enter each day into an awareness of THE ONE and live in that consciousness. 

Love & blessings,



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