15 Reasons Prayer is Important

Every Sunday at Unity, we hold a prayer circle after Service that is led by one of our Chaplains. People join hands and hearts in prayers for one another and for the world. The circle is always well-attended since most understand the power of prayer.

Also, there is always another Chaplain available for personal and confidential one-on-one prayer. This is an important opportunity to share our needs and experience the healing power of prayer.

A Unity Prayer Chaplain acknowledges and calls on the presence of God, lovingly listens, prays from the heart, and holds in confidence what is shared. He or she is not ordained, not trained to counsel, fix or advise others and is not accredited by any national organization.

However, Unity Chaplains are well trained in praying the “Unity” way, with a positive approach, assuming that we are one with a loving God. Through the prayer we are reminded of God’s love and the healing and wholeness that is already ours.

The greater Unity Movement has been holding prayer vigil for 129 years through the Prayer Ministry, Silent Unity. I say during Service nearly every Sunday: “Prayer is the heart and soul of Unity.”

Why is prayer so important? Here are a few answers:

o It is the only action we can take that truly makes things different.
o It changes our thinking as it calms, uplifts and renews us.
o It releases the highest form of energy in the universe, as it links us with the God energy that is our Source.
o It stirs into action an atomic force and releases a potent spiritual vibration.
o It helps us accomplish whatever we do in shorter amounts of time.
o It activates the working of higher laws.
o It releases a spiritual force that shatters fixed states of mind.
o It crashes through negative thought strata.
o It makes the impossible become possible.
o It makes us more irresistible to our good.
o It brings peace, bliss, comfort, healing.
o It brings us paradise on earth.
o It helps us live more successfully.
o It can be a simple satisfying experience of renewal.
o It helps to bring enlightenment.
o It has been proven to work.

Our Chaplains understand the power of prayer and that is why they serve in this way. Take the opportunity to ask one of them for prayer, if you haven’t already. And this week, enjoy their Sunday Service!

Love & blessings,
Rev. Kathy

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