10 Things to Do Every Day

Healing is the journey and wholeness is the destination, or the realization of the true harmony that is ever-present within and around us. The emergence of our wholeness involves letting go of fear and release of a state of consciousness that prevents our harmony. Often the pain that we experience in the process is as much the birth pain of wholeness as it is a symptom of illness.

Unity teaches that each of us has an inherent blueprint of wholeness, which we call the Christ. It is the pattern of perfection that indwells us and is the truth of our being. In fact, Unity began with healing and acknowledgement of this inner Divinity. Because Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore released a false belief and embraced her wholeness, the tuberculosis she had struggled with for a lifetime disappeared. Her husband Charles Fillmore also transcended an old way of thinking and focused on the realization of health, rather than illness, and he too was healed.

We certainly hear a lot about healing today. Our way of life, our civilization has taken its toll, and healing is still greatly needed. The stress under which we live, the hazards of our diet, the struggle for survival, the state of the world, not to mention the pollution of our environment, increase the search for health and wholeness. Unfortunately, many medical schools train their doctors to treat disease, rather than to promote health.

“We do not have a culture like that of the ancient Chinese in which the doctor was paid when everyone in the community was well, and was chastised when people became ill, and whose healing herbs were not intended to cure symptoms as such but to correct imbalances between the body’s yin and yang forces.” (Sanford, John, Healing and Wholeness).

Fortunately, however, in this time and culture, there are alternative options and endless possibilities. The journey to wholeness has countless signposts along the way. If anything, the many options available can be difficult to choose. Inevitably we must follow our own guidance and discernment.

Here are just a few suggestions from the realm of unlimited possibilities for your personal healing journey:

1) Begin your day with prayers of gratitude before your feet touch the floor;

2) Release thoughts that focus on the problem;

3) Focus on the solution or intended outcome;

4) Imagine your heart’s desire and feel the joy of its fulfillment;

5) Journal and record your dreams;

6) Pray affirmatively;

7) Experience more pleasure than pain each day;

8) Laugh a lot, even if you have to rent a funny movie;

9) Play more;

10) Follow your heart.

Love & blessings,

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