A Time of Transition and Change

We are in a time of change and transition at Unity of South Bay. Change is never easy, especially when it means that something good is ending in its current form. Change can be an emotional experience, and when it seems beyond our control it can create resistance.
However, resistance must be managed to harness the energy for positive change. The focus needs to be on the transition and its phases.

According to the late William Bridges, author and organizational consultant, “transition is the psychological movement through the change.” Transition consists of three parts:

  • The Ending (of what was)
  • The Neutral Zone (muddling and creative period)
  • The New Beginning (of what is).

Change is the actual physical event (merger, new job, getting married, getting divorced, and in our case, the loss of our church). There are three primary reasons people view change as difficult and thus resist change:

  • Loss of Self, Power, Influence or Perceived Value (Our spiritual home and community)
  • Having To Learn Something New (Finding a new spiritual home)
  • Lack of Understanding on “Why” They Need To Change (Knowing the facts, but
    still wondering what God is up to).

When I was in Ministerial School, my class of 42 students grew very bonded after two years of studying and moving through spiritual processes together. When our time together ended, it was very sad even though we were excited to go forth to our own ministries. We knew that we might see each other through the years at conferences or even be at neighboring churches, but the community we formed would never again be the same. We came together for a purpose, and when it was complete, the Universe sent us forward on our own journeys.

It is the same with Unity of South Bay. That community will end and people will go off on their journeys. Some will search for a new church together others may wait for a while. A Discussion/Study Group may form through the time of transition. Over time, each person will be guided to the next right place.

The ending is sad and also bitter/sweet. It will be a good ending as there is no conflict or wounding, simply sorrow. And some will feel the grief for a time to come. And yet, as always with endings, there is a new beginning—a field of unlimited possibilities, in fact.

Let us celebrate the gift of Unity and, as someone said recently, “take it with us wherever we go!”

Love and blessings,

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