Direct Access to the Divine

The late Eric Butterworth was one of the great Unity Ministers and writers. In the centennial book Unity: 100 Years of Faith and Vision, he wrote:

“Humankind today stands at the frontier of a new age. There is a crying need for a vital, dynamic, and contemporary relevant spiritual philosophy. We need look no further than the teachings of Jesus, but we must look further into them. They must be translated into the light and experience of people in a modern world. Such was the life-work of Charles Fillmore. And such will continue to be the work of Unity’s community of teachers, ministers, and writers, and such must be the commitment of Unity students.

“Unity, if we could settle on a succinct definition, is a living Truth that has evolved out of putting Christianity in the present tense. Now is the time! The kingdom of God is at hand! If God walked the earth through Jesus 2,000 years ago, He walks the earth through you and me today. If Jesus worked wonders, then if one becomes conscious of divine law as He was conscious of divine law, one can work wonders today. For Jesus clearly said, ‘All that I do you can do too, and greater works’… This is Unity’s good news.”

That truth is no less relevant in our day than it was 125+ years ago in the early days of Unity. Perhaps it is even more so since the world is changing so rapidly. In fact, to live through change effectively, it is important to know that we are co-creators able to access the same Divine laws that Jesus mastered. We have the power to love, to heal, to perform miracles, and to stay centered in the midst of outer appearance. We also have the power to go within and connect with God directly without any intermediaries. It is that inner knowing that “saves” us, not some outer being. And it is that teaching that distinguishes Unity as unique even in the New Thought arena. It defines Unity as “mystical Christianity,” emphasizing the truth that each one of us is a mystic with direct access to the Divine.

I find myself grateful that, in this lifetime, I discovered Unity and its amazing teachings. May you feel that same blessing!
Love & light,
Rev. Kathy

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