How to Celebrate the 4th, Prayerfully

Last Sunday, the 23rd, I celebrated my birthday at church for the first time in a long time.

It was great! I received a dozen red roses, a chocolate cake and everyone sang. Also people gave me cards and gifts. It was a sweet morning! I received calls from both sons and other loved ones. Then, after, I drove to Huntington Beach and met my long-time friends Jill and Gil for “linner” at the Cheesecake Factory. We had our usual fun time, and then I drove home to read the emails and cards I received. It was a special birthday.

It was supposed to continue through the week with several lunches, but I got sick! (I’d like to blame it on too much cake and ice cream, but that doesn’t usually cause a fever along with the intestinal distress! Anyway, I finally succumbed to antibiotics and now am on the mend. That means, though delayed, my birthday will continue longer!

Next week we have our country’s birthday on July 4th! I have been thinking of that holiday this week since I have landed in front of my TV set more than usual, while recovering. There is so much intense news right now, not to mention the debates going on, as we approach our Independence Day Celebration,. Last Sunday during a Q & A with the Congregation, I was asked a question about the news. I suggested that we have to strike a balance between staying informed and giving ourselves a rest from it. And that when we do watch or read it, we can remember to “pray the news.”

This year on the 4th of July, I will be praying more than usual for our country. It needs our prayers, along with our positive actions to make the world a better place. Not all of us can get out there on the front lines as activists, but we can be an example of love, kindness, tolerance and compassion to all those who come into our sphere. We do not always know who we inspire or the difference we can make.

So Happy Birthday, USA! I am grateful for all of the good in our country. And I continue to imagine the release of all that which impedes our true destiny, and the attraction of all that which helps us to fulfill it.

Love & blessings,

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