Our Final Service Will Be September 8

Unity of South Bay is holding its last Sunday service at 10:30 a.m. on September 8.

This ministry has served the Los Angeles South Bay for over 65 years in different sites around the area! For the past five years, Rev. Kathy McCall has led the church through its final transition. That period of time has included the passing of key leaders, along with the former minister of 30 years, Rev. Patricia Weisman.

There was a final move three years ago to a smaller, more intimate site that coalesced the congregation into a very bonded, loving community. Through prayer, commitment and generosity, the 16 months of money left when Rev. Kathy was hired was stretched to five years! But after a number of miracles and a great deal of effort, the membership has voted to close since the congregation can no longer financially support a church.

There is a beautiful spirit of harmony, and so it is a “good closing,” as endings go. Though sad, all are accepting of a greater Divine Order at work and filled with gratitude for Unity, its teachings, and all of its blessings through the years!

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