The Power of Letting Go

The Destroyer is the archetype for the spiritual power of Elimination or release, one of our 12 spiritual powers. We know that each archetype has its shadow side, and this particular one symbolizes the entire shadow side of human consciousness, as well. This power of elimination allows us to release that which is not for our highest good; it has to do with sacrifice, with forgiveness, with letting go, and the grace that comes in such times. It is through this archetype that we find grace.

And in its highest level of letting go, the Destroyer gives us the ability to release anything that no longer supports our values, our life, our growth or that of others. So in that sense it becomes our ally.

Author Carol Pearson says that the Destroyer can become our advisor, where we can learn in making every major decision to consult our death. If we allow death rather than our fears or ambitions to guide us, we make fewer frivolous decisions. If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today? Now think about the difference between asking oneself that question and making a decision out of fear or ambition. Our deaths help inform the way we live our lives.

Pearson says that the Destroyer is also the transformer. And the sacred mysteries of the nature religions always remind us that rebirth follows death. This is literally true of the seasons; however cold and dark winter might be, we always know the spring is going to come. The God who is crucified or dismembered in winter is born again in the spring. Death always leads to new life.

When we are depressed, going through grieving or transition of any kind, it is important to know that we are confronting the Destroyer within us. We are experiencing the spiritual power of Elimination. And, rather than suppress any of it, it is important to embrace it.

In Unity, when we teach the power of denials and affirmations, the denials or statements of release are an aspect of this power of Elimination. If we have a fear, we say, “This fear is powerless over me.” And this is calling upon the spiritual power of Elimination to release the fear. So this archetype is paradoxical because, in it, we find our deepest fears and we also find our deepest healing through release and letting go and the power of grace.

Instead of going straight to affirmations, remember first to use denials or statements of release. It is a simple technique, but one that is amazingly profound that can invite greater healing and transformation.

Love & blessings,

Rev. Kathy

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