The Remedy for Stress

Staying centered in the midst of a challenge is something we aspire to. How do we attain a peaceful mind… especially with the outer turmoil in the world and in our daily lives? We may feel stress about work, money, relationships, health, our life purpose, and any number of other issues. Many are depressed or overwhelmed with the state of our country and the world in which we live.

Certainly we all long for inner peace. J. Krishnamurti said, “The crisis is in our consciousness, not in the world.” That is certainly something for all of us to reflect upon.

Humorist Ashleigh Brilliant said, “Don’t despair — help may be coming from an unexpected source — somewhere within you.” (Pot-Shots)

I believe we are all called to work on our inner peace at this time. Anyone who has spent much time looking at their mind has noticed that the restless mind has three major tendencies: to be busy with thoughts, to think a lot of negative thoughts, and to wander from thought to thought.

We cannot keep negative thoughts from busily wandering into the mind. We can, however, keep them from staying in the mind. We do this by creating a peaceful mind. There are several affirmations that can help: One is “My mind is now peaceful.” Or “peace, peace, peace.” And one of my favorites: “Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.”

Stress will come and go… worried thoughts will come and come and come…we have no choice over that. We do, however, have a choice once we notice they are there. We can stop thinking the negative, worried thoughts, and start thinking other thoughts, the opposite thoughts — positive thoughts, good thoughts.

For example, listen to the difference. Think of a challenging goal in your life and then say to yourself, “How on earth did I think I could ever accomplish my goal? It is too big, too difficult. It is impossible! What was I thinking?

Now think of the challenging goal again and then say to yourself, “I know my goal is achievable because others have accomplished it before me. I am absolutely committed to making it happen and am willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve my true heart’s desire.” It does not have to be the same exact words… but you get the idea… the feeling of the difference.

We have a choice to turn from negative thoughts to positive, or we can turn our attention away from the thoughts to our breath; to an affirmation; to a soothing sound like music, or prayer, or a mantra; to a memory of a serene place. We can turn our thoughts to our blessings and feel deep gratitude. Or we can watch the thoughts come and go in our mind without getting involved in them.

Our mind is our world. Our thoughts are the tools with which we carve our life story on the substance of the universe. When we rule our mind, we rule our world. When we choose our thoughts, we choose results. Let us choose inner peace!

Love & blessings,
Rev Kathy

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