What Are Your Heart’s Desires?

My Sunday Lesson is about “Joy & Desire” this week. And speaking of joy, I just had my son, Chris; daughter-in-law, Melanie; and two granddaughters, Kenna (9) and Linnaea (6); here visiting with me Sunday through Thursday. They had a great time, and I shared most of it with them: swimming at the ocean, searching through tide pools, visiting my friends in Mission Viejo and swimming in their pool, going to see Toy Story 4, eating ice cream at Creamistry, having my belated birthday dinner at a great Mexican Restaurant. I stayed with the girls on the last night so Chris and Melanie could have a date night. The girls and I watched Cinderella together (not the cartoon), and then later I heard them playing mean stepsisters until finally the oldest had become the Queen and the youngest was her Warrior Princess! Overall, it was a low-stress weekend since we made a choice not to visit crowded theme parks. It was great just to hang out!

The visit invoked a lot of joy for me and caused me to think of my heart’s desires. I would live near them if I could, but my work as a Unity minister is specialized, and one has to go where churches are available. For many years I was fortunate that my churches were near at least one of my sons and his family. But I have always lived far away from the other. Now I live away from both, and it will most likely continue to be that way for the immediate future.

It seems like grandparents should live near their grandchildren, but it does not always work out that way in this society.

In one way, it encourages grandparents to be independent, and to keep focusing on our own personal vision and dreams, rather than wrapping our lives around our families. I have to keep checking in with myself about my heart’s desires, and also my need to financially support myself, as well as do meaningful work in the world at this critical juncture.

It is important for each one of us to take periodic inventory of our deepest dreams, as well as our practical needs, and then turn it all over to God to help with the balancing and the realization of our heart’s desires in the highest and best way for all. That is certainly a process that I am going through personally right now. And my guess is that many of you are as well.

We can ask:

1) What are my heart’s desires?

2) What brings me the greatest joy?

3) What are my current needs?

4) Is there a way I can fulfill both my needs and my dreams?

5) Then ask God to reveal the way…. I’ll keep you posted!

Love & blessings,


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