What is Your New Name?

This Sunday we have our White Stone Meditation, which is held in early January throughout the Unity Movement. The white stone provided is quarried near Jerusalem, and holds that special energy. In meditation we receive “a new name” (word or phrase) that is to depict the essence of our New Year, which we then write on our stone as a reminder throughout the rest of 2019. Rev 2:17 says, “And to each one who is victorious I will give a new name engraved on a white stone.”

Since I have been doing this for a number of years now, I always put the date on the side of the stone as well. Then I can look back and see how my word really did relate to the past year. I am always surprised how accurate it tends to be. That is true when we really tune into our “new name,” rather than trying to impose it, according to our thinking.

If you are reading this but are unable to attend the Sunday Service at Unity of South Bay, you can still create your own White Stone Ceremony. Sit in meditation (silently or with soft music) and after relaxing and aligning yourself with Spirit, ask God to give you your “new name” for 2019. Let it come easily, rather than forcing the word/name that you want it to be. You may be surprised.

At the same time, it is important for us to envision our heart’s desires being fulfilled in the New Year. Let us envision our hopes and dreams and see them as already accomplished. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t. See it, affirm it, and take action in the direction of your dreams, and they will manifest.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Love & blessings,
Rev Kathy

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